Suz’anne Hawkins

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To begin with I LOVE Courtney! She is amazing and I will use her again with no questions if and when we add to our fur family!
Courtney was so precious and loving with our little girl Ellie. She really made outstanding progress with such a tiny tot… Ellie went to Courtney’s when she was 8 weeks old and stayed with her for 3 weeks. During that time she worked on crate training, sitting, socialization, etc.

After Ellie left Courtney to come home, she spent the night with the stork and the next day was her travel day…well, her travel arrangements changed due to weather and there were a few days that she was staying with yet another “new person” I can only imagine how stressful this may have been for her. I called Courtney concerned about Ellie and concerned about her loosing the progress she so diligently worked on with her.

Courtney was amazing, she called and spent time on the phone with me discussing my concerns. She spent time giving me suggestions and calming my fears! When Ellie finally arrived home, she was exhibiting signs of stress, so I reached out to Courtney and she was yet again such a blessing. She spent so much time talking me through everything, helping me to help Ellie. In the matter of 2 days we were back on track!

She certainly did not have to do this and give me so much time, however, it was obvious that she was sincerely invested in the success of this little love of mine!

One thing that I can say for sure, she really loved my little girl as if she was her own fur baby. Courtney has so much structure and really knows these pups. Her methods are wonderful, loving and proven and her efforts were worth every penny! I even joked with her and asked her if she trained kids.

She was a God send and taught me so much. Ellie is not my first pup, but being a new breed to me I wanted to do the best I could for her and Courtney was a tremendous help.

If anyone ever has any questions and would like to talk to me personally I would be more than happy to give a recommendation!

Thank you again for everything,

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