Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Training Classes

Take advantage of our affordable puppy training classes from Puppy Kindergarten and start your new puppy on the right track to obedience and good behavior. It costs so little to give your puppy or dog a sound foundation that will lead to a long and happy relationship between pet and owner; it starts with a one-on-one consultation with our expert puppy trainers at Puppy Kindergarten. Contact us with your questions or explore the free resources found on our website for more information.

Does Your Dog Need Obedience School?

The answer to this commonly asked question is an unequivocal ‘yes’. Every puppy needs to be properly trained in order to bond with their owner and establish a positive relationship that is based on respect. Your puppy needs to know that by following your commands, they’ll be safe and happy. Basic obedience training for puppies in our school will ensure many enjoyable times with your growing dog. Inquire by phone at 704-956-6295 regarding the costs of Dog Training 101 at Puppy Kindergarten.

Puppy Classes at Our K9 Training School in Charlotte

Puppies and dogs of all ages learn new tricks at Puppy Kindergarten:

– Learning how to go to the potty outside is an essential skill that all dogs need to master; our trainers use a proven effective technique that dogs respond to quickly. Positive reward methods go far in helping puppies understand what is expected of them in our classes. We believe anxiety-free training is the best way to get the right response during puppy and dog classes. At PK, we teach the following puppy training classes, as well:

– Teaching puppies how to enjoy safe time in their crate can result in a feeling of security, especially during times when you’re away from home. The crate command is essential for times when your puppy or dog may be in danger and you need them to respond immediately to prevent them from becoming injured or ending up in a confusing situation that can get out of hand, such as when unexpected company arrives with a pet.

– Leash training will give you and your puppy a unique bonding experience and will make going out in public more enjoyable for the both of you. A positive introduction to the collar, harness, and/or leash is crucial to your dog’s mental wellness; at Puppy Kindergarten, we know what works to get your puppy excited about walking on the leash.

– Your young pup will need to be handled from time to time by strangers in the vet’s office and at the groomers, as well as when family and friends stop by; an online dog trainer may not be able to offer the quality of training that our team can during in-person lessons. Puppy handling and safe socializing techniques will result in many happy interactions over the years.

For a complete list of puppy training classes in our school, review our website’s information or contact Puppy Kindergarten at 704-956-6295; schedule a call with Courtney to find out more about PK.

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Puppy Training Classes

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