Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten

Registering your new puppy for our courses at Puppy Kindergarten will give them a great start in life and create a solid foundation for good behavior. The skills we teach at Puppy Kindergarten will ensure a close bond between you and your dog and will eliminate a lot of the common problems that dog owners experience relative to behavioral issues and ongoing problematic situations. You’ll find a wealth of information on our website, including a list of training classes we offer puppies and dogs of all ages.

4 Key Benefits of Dog Training at Puppy Kindergarten

1. It comes as no surprise that the earlier you get your puppy into a training school, the more likely they’ll respond favorably to puppy training. No one wants to own a dog that jumps or is a nuisance to guests and family members; however, few people consider training because they worry about the costs being high. The good news is that training is both easy and affordable at Puppy Kindergarten. You’ll find pricing on our website, as well as our contact number in case you have questions about costs of our courses.

2. You may have heard that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks- nothing could be further from the truth. Some dogs are more difficult to train than others, particularly dogs that have been abused. No dog is beyond redemption at Puppy Kindergarten. We teach new puppies and older dogs of every age how to use the potty outdoors, how to properly walk on a leash, how to enjoy time in their crate, safe handling by strangers, and basic commands that will make your life a lot easier.

3. The bond that develops between you and your puppy will set the stage for your long-term relationship. Training at Puppy Kindergarten will ensure your dog learns to respect you from a very early age. Although dogs are notorious for being loyal to their master to a fault, respect is earned over time; it starts when you teach your puppy or dog that they’re required to obey you and follow your commands. Both of you will be happier as a result of time spend training your dog.

4. Happy dogs are healthy dogs. When your puppy knows what to expect from you, they’ll be less likely to experience anxiety that can decrease the lifespan of a dog. Canine depression and anxiety are two of the most common reasons why their owners seek to find a new living arrangement for their dog. Another very common excuse for getting rid of a dog is that the owner is unable to get them to listen or behave inside of the home. Training will eliminate these issues.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our staff at Puppy Kindergarten to get to know us better and learn about our training program. Spend a few minutes on our website looking over FAQs, client testimonials, and training curriculum offered by our puppy school- or call 704-956-6295 for more information. Take a quick quiz for training pricing and see how affordable it is to get your puppy into school.

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