Potty Training Dogs

Potty Training Dogs

Training a puppy is not all glam and roses because you need to know the meaning behind every reaction, study the pup’s behavior and form a training program with reachable goals. Many pet owners take this excellent opportunity to hire a professional who will reinforce positive habits, such as potty training. Here is all you need to know about potty training dogs.

Everything about potty training a dog

Duration of the K9 potty training school in Charlotte

There is no time set in stone about the exact duration you should train your puppy. Typically, the duration it takes depends on our diligence as well as the dog’s behavioral state. Most people will tell you it takes at least six months to nurture the specific habits that reinforce positive potty training. Keep in mind that female dogs will usually learn faster than male dogs because they naturally have to learn how to control their bladder.

Eating and drinking habits

It is best to continue the drinking and eating habits during the training sessions. We study the pup to observe how they behave after meals and get the little cues that let us know it is time to relieve themselves. Most dogs will be ready to release their content after 15-20 minutes; hence you must be ready with the potty or tools that ease the process.

Must-have tools

The crate is at the top of most potty training sessions. This is because crates go a long way in preventing accidents in any other area of the home. The pup always feels comfortable in the crate; hence they are less likely to strain from the potty training lessons. Here are a few more tools that complement the lessons with an online dog trainer:

  • A leash for easy reach to ensure the pup does not run off into unwanted territories
  • Treats to reinforce good behavior
  • Stain removers and pads to clean up accidents

Actual training

Routine is the fundamental quality of any basic obedience training for puppies. We spend ample time with the pup to make sure we study their behavior, such as whimpering or awkward body postures when they want to relieve themselves. Frequent training at the same hour every day goes a long way in training the dog’s stimuli, so they know when to go outside or to the potty. We can also help you use an alarm to let your dog know it is time to use them outside for the bathroom, and they will eventually learn to ring it themselves when it is time.

Positive reinforcement

Remember that dogs always respond well to rewards and praise during dog potty training. It is not convenient to rub the dog if you want to expedite the lessons because it is not enough motivation to make the behavior stick.

We also use positive reinforcement to stop the dog from doing it at the wrong place, such as telling them no when they act like it is time. These firm and clear affirmations will let the dog know you want them to use the right spot while rewarding them strengthens their mind to follow the proper instructions. Take a quiz to learn more about our services, and call 704-956-6295 to schedule a consultation on dog training 101.



Potty Training Dogs

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Potty Training Dogs

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