Leash Training

Leash Training

Leash training for a young puppy or dog is important for a long and happy relationship between dog and owner. Basic obedience training for puppies at Puppy Kindergarten is an affordable option, and one that will pay for itself many times over in the lifetime of your dog. While basic commands are considered by many dog schools as ‘Dog Training 101’, no training program is complete without introducing the dog to a leash and providing some instruction on how to walk on a leash and stay by your side while in public.

3 Things Your Puppy Will Learn Through Leash Training

Step One: A stress-free introduction to the leash is essential, because if your dog feels anxious about the experience, they’ll feel triggered anytime you call them to come to you with their leash in view. At Puppy Kindergarten, basic obedience training for puppies includes a first-time interaction with a leash and additional instruction that will make them feel secure and confident when you want to take your dog for a walk.

Step Two: Your puppy will learn an audible cue that will alert them to the fact that it’s leash time. Our trainers will work with you to determine the best cue for your puppy, whether it’s a ‘clucking’ sound made by the tongue or a simple word command. After a few cue repetitions, you’ll notice your pup’s ears will respond to your call, they’ll make eye contact with you, and will probably come over to you looking for a pre-leash treat. As lessons progress, your puppy will learn to walk further and further in order to reach you for leashing.

Step Three: Indoor leashing practice is an excellent way to try out new skills before you take to the sidewalk or park. With less distractions inside, your puppy can concentrate on your commands. Treats and praise keep leashing puppies focused and happy. When both of you are ready, take the action outside for short walks; be patient and remember to reward your pup for positive leashing.

Rated Best K9 School in Charlotte

Puppy Kindergarten is a highly credentialed obedience school for puppies and dogs. We have a long and growing list of satisfied clients who can attest to our trainers’ ability to teach dogs new tricks- and manners. You and your puppy will arrive at a mutual respect as a direct result of time spent leash training, crate training, potty training, puppy handling, and command training. Our puppy school is affordable; in fact, you’ll find that the cost of our courses is money well spent when you’re able to enjoy spending time with your dog to a whole new degree.

An online dog trainer cannot provide the level of training you can expect from our school. Review our courses online, read more about our trainers, and get in touch with us by phone at 704-956-6295 if you have any questions about our program. Teaching your new puppy how to behave on a leash is the greatest gift you can give to them.

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Leash Training

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