How To Train Your Dog

How To Train Your Dog

Puppy Kindergarten Training is a leading dog training school in Charlotte with excellent trainers and behaviorists. We relieve you from worrying about how to train your dog and prepare your four-legged friend for a lifetime of adventure with you.

How to train the puppy to stay off the furniture?

Use a firm voice and command your dog to startle him whenever he cuddles up on the couch. If you spot your dog on a piece of furniture, firmly hold him by his collar and say ‘off’ while helping him climb down to the floor. Once your puppy is on the floor, release his collar, and give him praise and a treat.

Do this repeatedly until he gets the point. Seeking help from an online dog trainer can help you teach your dog what is right and what is not.

How to teach basic commands to my puppy?

The three primary basic commands are ‘come’, ‘no’, and ‘sit’. For starters, the tone of your voice plays a critical role in helping your pup determine whether you are praising or reprimanding it. Use short, one-word commands to train your dog as long sentences confuse them.

Play games with them during training and engage them in short playful exercises. Praise them for good behavior, and every time they do something right. Do not engage your dog in physical exercise for more than 15 minutes a day, and limit each activity to five minutes. If you are still doubtful about the situation, call our instructors to help you get the answer to ‘does my dog need obedience school?’ It may be well worth your time and money to take your dog for obedience training.

Three Do’s and Don’ts to remember when training your dog 

Before you try your hand at basic obedience training for puppies, consider enrolling them at a K9 training school in Charlotte. Professional dog training 101 professionals can train your pet on basic commands, potty training, socialization, and other healthy habits and prepare your pet for a healthy and fulfilling life. Here are a few things to do and avoid when training your dog:


  • Make sure to buy a dog treat made especially for puppies and use it to reward your canine whenever they do something right.  
  • When training your pup, use the simple words in the same modulation and tone to help your dog grasp things faster.
  • You must enjoy the training sessions yourself for your pet to participate in them actively. Pups tend to associate their training with companionship and may show more interest when you make it enjoyable and playful for both of you.


  • Do not use biscuits, cookies, meat or any other sugary treats meant for humans as treats for your puppy. Human foods are too rich, salty, and fatty and can be difficult for your dog to digest.
  • Refrain from feeding your pooch leftover food from your plate or table scraps, as it can become a habit and can be difficult to change in the future.
  • Never fool your pet into doing what you want nor tease him with the commands you worked hard to teach him.

Contact us at 704-956-6295 to sign up for our canine obedience training program and for answers to how to train your dog. Puppy Kindergarten Training is a renowned dog training school, and we specialize in potty training, crate training, leash training, socialization, and puppy handling. Let us help you and your dog understand each other better; call us now.

How To Train Your Dog

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How To Train Your Dog

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