Dog Training School

Dog Training School

Puppy Kindergarten Training is a highly sought-after  dog training school in Charlotte with several positive reviews and friendly trainers. Our passionate and highly experienced trainers create a customized learning plan for each canine depending upon the breed, size, and age and help them learn essential obedience, potty, and socialization skills within three weeks.

Why we are the best dog training school in Charlotte

Basic obedience training for puppies is a critical aspect of their growth and wellness and plays a pivotal role in helping them lead their best life. Our experienced and certified staff offers dog training 101 to make new dog parents’ lives easy.

Our clients see visible improvements in their dog’s behavior within three weeks of training. During the pandemic, we also have an online dog trainer offering virtual training sessions. We are among the few dog training schools in Charlotte offering unsurpassed canine training at low prices.

How to potty train a puppy?

While bringing a puppy home is exciting, prepare yourself to watch her soiling your house a lot in the initial weeks. Fortunately, you can overcome this, provided you are willing to give in the time and effort to potty train your dog. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  1. Confine your pup in a small area of your house or a dog exercise pen for at least 4-8 weeks or until your canine does not have any accidents.
  2. Accompany your puppy outside at least 2-3 times a day in the initial weeks to help them eliminate. Be sure to take him out after eating and sleeping.
  3. Reward your dog’s outdoor elimination with treats immediately.
  4. Set an area for elimination outside your house that is not exposed to rain or bad weather so that your puppy can feel free to use this space whenever they have to excrete.
  5. If you catch your canine eliminating inside your house, make a startling noise to let him know it’s wrong and take him outside immediately to finish. After your dog finishes, reward your pet with praises and treats.

Be sure to clean all soiled areas inside your home with enzymatic cleaners. If you do not have access to open spaces, you may try potty training your pup using a litterbox. We are a reputed K9 training school in Charlotte, and we potty train pups of all sizes, ages, and breeds.

Does my dog need obedience school?

Managing a misbehaving dog or training a puppy takes more than willpower and time. It requires professional trainers who know their way around training a canine. Enrolling your dog at an obedience school can help your four-legged friend develop a closer bond with you and allow them to be friendly with other pets.

If you are dealing with a new pup, a dog training school can train them on the basic commands and make your life a lot easier. More importantly, it is always a safer idea to have a well-trained dog around family and friends.

Speak to us at 704-956-6295 to enroll your beloved four-legged friend at our dog training school. Puppy Kindergarten Training is a leading pet training facility with experienced and certified staff and budget-friendly prices. We help your pet lead his best life by equipping him with healthy habits and essential obedience skills. 

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