Dog Obedience School

Dog Obedience School

Puppy Kindergarten Training is a top-rated dog obedience school with experienced trainers and budget-friendly prices. We help dog owners develop a strong bond with their four-legged friends by training the canine with essential obedience, potty, and socialization skills.

Does your dog need obedience school?

Most dog owners have no idea whether their dog needs training or not. There is nothing quite like dealing with a disobedient dog. The good news is that professional dog training 101 professionals can correct their behavior and strengthen the bond you have with your four-legged family member. Here are a few signs that warn of the need for a K9 training school in Charlotte:

  1. Your pup snarls or growls when you get close to them or their possessions. This behavior is called resource guarding, and it can escalate if your pet starts to learn that he can have his way by showing his teeth.
  2. Your canine barks a lot
  3. Your pet exhibits poor leash manners, making it difficult for you during walkouts.
  4. Your pet chews up things in your house. Bored dogs can destroy things around your home, and behavioral training can help them overcome this problem.
  5. If your dog is mean to other dogs and exhibits signs of aggression, you should see an online dog trainer immediately.

We offer basic obedience training for puppies to help them share a healthy and loving bond with humans and other pets. Our highly skilled team of trainers also helps dogs overcome separation anxiety and fear of new environments.

How do I control howling in my canine?

You may sign up your pet for obedience training to manage the issue. Alternatively, the problem may arise if you leave your dog alone or when it is in distress. If you plan on going away for longer periods, be sure to arrange for someone to care for your canine. Also, leave plenty of food and water for your dog and ensure that their sleeping place is at the right temperature.

Expose your dog gradually to things and people triggering the howling. Whenever they remain quiet, reward the behavior with praise and treats. Blocking their visual/hearing access when you have outsiders on or near your property can help if your dog is howling to defend its territory.

How to prevent my puppy from biting everything?

Puppies tend to nibble on almost anything around them in the early months of their development. Young puppies are curious to explore things around them, and their way of getting to know the objects in their environment is through chewing.

As your puppy grows and matures, he will lose the desire to chew on things and be a lot less destructive. Letting your dog know what he can and cannot chew or bite can prevent him from ruining your valuable possessions. Consider dog training to prevent him from chewing things around your house.

Reach us at 704-956-6295 to learn more about our dog obedience school. Puppy Kindergarten Training is a leading dog training school in Charlotte with hundreds of positive reviews. We can save you from the stress of training your dog and help your canine get accustomed to living with you. 

Dog Obedience School

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